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Changes in version 1.4.0

  • Added Shortcuts and X-Callback-URL support (Thanks to @adam-jan-82) #1417
  • Added estimation and spent time to operations
  • Added in-app Keka's Documents Folder browser
  • Enhanced async tasks
  • Fixed ZSTD multithreading operations
  • Fixed extraction to Keka's Documents Folder using the Share options
  • Fixed browsing a file using the Share Keka button
  • Restored "Encrypt Filenames" compression toggle
  • Removed extra separator in the compression's destination picker
  • Minor fixes
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @pan93412) #1424

Changes in version 1.3.3

  • Added Done button when asking for an extraction password
  • Fixed possible crash when an extraction fails (Thanks for all the TestFlight feedback)
  • Fixed possible crash when an AAR extraction fails

Changes in version 1.3.1

  • Fixed an issue preventing compression of folders (Thanks a lot to Derek for the feedback)
  • Enhanced progress tracking on very quick operations
  • Removed unusable alternate icons on visionOS
  • Disabled the shared button if using the designed for iPad app on macOS
  • Vietnamese translation updated (Thanks to @mwolfinspace) #1395
  • French translation updated (Thanks to @Marc66) #1396
  • Italian translation updated (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from #1397
  • Czech translation updated (Thanks to @ferben) #1400
  • Simplified Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @maxsky from #1401

Changes in version 1.3.0

  • Compatible with Apple's Vision Pro
  • Added AppleArchive format compression and extraction support
  • Support for compressing photos and videos from the Photos app
  • Enhanced support for browsing and extracting volume files
  • Support for dropping files to the compression contents list
  • Pause and resume compression and extraction operations
  • Enhanced calculation of files and folders size in compression contents
  • Multiple visual and behaviour refinements in the compression contents list
  • Enhanced type content detection
  • Fixed showing selected app icon on restart
  • Enhanced file access support
  • Lots of code and performance enhancements
  • Showing the translator information in the Welcome/About view (Thanks to all!)
  • Hungarian translation added (Thanks to @zetenynagy)
  • Czech translation added (Thanks to @ferben)
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @pan93412 & @PeterDaveHello) #1385 #1390

Changes in version 1.2.4

  • Fixed possible crash while cancelling a tarball operation
  • Fixed possible crash while extracting a browsed a file content
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation added (Thanks to @vitu from
  • Fixed German and Russian action translations

Changes in version 1.2.3

  • Enhanced browser speed on very complex file structure archives
  • Fixed possible crash while extracting a browsed a file content
  • Fixed invalid view showing while compressing using the share sheet
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @PeterDaveHello) #1339

Changes in version 1.2.2

  • Extraction speed of folders on browsed files is vastly improved
  • Reusing password when extracting an already unlocked browsed file
  • Fixed opening files from external apps (like Files)
  • Fixed browser icons not loading properly
  • Fixed extraction progress accuracy for 7Z format
  • Fixed volume unit picker color on iOS 17
  • Arabic translation updated (Thanks to @naqqo6i)

Changes in version 1.2.1

  • Verify the password is compatible with each format
  • Format selector adapted to right-to-left layout
  • Limited volume size input on iOS 15 to only accept numbers
  • Fixed some cases where an unfinished extraction package is not removed
  • Fixed issue on some contents extraction from opened file
  • Fixed some issues with the translation files
  • Fixed possible crash during format detection
  • Finnish translation added (Thanks to @Piipperi) #1289
  • Japanese translation added (Thanks to @tedSW) #1297
  • Bulgarian translation added (Thanks to @m-dragoev) #1305
  • Arabic translation added (Thanks to @naqqo6i) #1329
  • Simplified Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @maxsky from #1299
  • Italian translation updated (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from #1330
  • French translation updated (Thanks to @Marc66) #1333

Changes in version 1.2.0

  • First version tested and compatible with macOS on M equipped devices (Designed for iPad)
  • Better compression format selector
  • Enhanced compression settings usability
  • Enhanced browser performance when opening archives containing lots of files/folders
  • Enhanced split volume unit keyboard selector behaviour in iOS 16+
  • Enhanced closing of open operations using a mouse/pencil
  • Fixed folder addition to compressions in iOS 17
  • Fixed browser sort menu not working
  • Fixed colouring of password and volume compression icons
  • Added Portuguese translation (Thanks to @hgrrs15) #1268
  • Added Italian translation (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from #1269
  • French translation updated (Thanks to @Marc66) #1270

Changes in version 1.1.0

  • Requires iOS 15.5 or newer
  • Added volume compression (split) to 7Z and ZIP format
  • Enhanced LHA/LZH compatibility with older versions #1257
  • Enhanced file extension retention when renaming
  • Fixed a crash when creating +4.3GB ZIP files
  • Fixed a crash when creating +4.3GB BZIP2 files
  • Added Vietnamese translation (Thanks to @mwolfinspace) #1261
  • Updated the Simplified Chinese translation (Thanks to @maxsky from #1262

Changes in version 1.0.3

  • Option to preview files when they can't be browsed
  • Image resources optimized
  • iMessage Sticker Pack included
  • Added Swedish translation (Thanks to @lnswlrd) #1212
  • Added French translation (Thanks to @Marc66) #1213 #1218
  • Added Italian translation (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation

Changes in version 1.0.2

  • Celebrating the Chinese New Year with a shiny red and gold Keka icon

Changes in version 1.0.1

  • Fixed possible crash when closing the last operation
  • Fixed crash while extracting browsed file opened from another app

Changes in version 1.0.0

  • Disabling device sleep during operations
  • Better full extraction from the Browser
  • Displaying when a file or a folder is empty
  • Displaying localized name in custom destination
  • Fixed deletion of incomplete contents of cancelled extraction
  • Fixed crash when opening files from thrid party file providers (Drive, OneDrive...)
  • Those kind of files are not properly loaded by the file importer, so you may need to retry the operations.
  • Fixed Browser Action on iOS 16
  • Refined view selection on iOS 15
  • Fixed Keka's custom icons list checkmark colors on iOS 16
  • Fixed browser separator on iOS 16
  • Enhanced memory usage

Changes in version 1.0 Beta 2

  • Fixed folder extraction that can result in unusable bundle files
  • Hiding the default compression options in Settings if "Remember Last Used Options" is enabled (Thanks to the anonymous TestFlight feedback)
  • Fixed multiple operation selection issues
  • Limited 7Z and ZSTD threads depending on the compression level and the available memory.
  • Added information about the thread/memory limit when applied in the compression view.
  • Cancelling compression and browsing operations if a memory warning is received.
  • This can easily happen when compressing big files using strong methods (slow, slowest). The alternative is a crash.
  • Note that Action Extensions are more memory limited (300MB?) and may crash even after the operation is cancelled.
  • Fixed GZIP compression with large NULL data blocks
  • Fixed possible crash and progress tracking on BZIP2
  • Some data stream fixes
  • Better compression/extraction file naming

Changes in version 1.0 Beta 1

First ever public version :)